Detoxify Immunity Supplement

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Detoxify capsules are a full mineral and amino acids supplement. Created from ancient organic plant matter, this supplement represents the best the earth has to offer in a totally natural organic dietary supplement.

When is comes to hair loss in a lot of cases the lack of immune response can result in weakened or damaged hair.  Detoxify offers a rich source of bioavailable: fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acids, micro & macro mineral nutrients.

Our bodies need mineral nutrients every day. The food we eat each day should supply us with the minerals we need to stay healthy. However, our food supply does not provide us with adequate amounts of mineral nutrients.

Detoxify provides the essential elements, trace minerals and amino acids that are lacking in our diets.
ADULTS: 2 capsules with non-chlorinated water or fruit juice for the first two to four weeks, then 4 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

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Effective for hair and body

The key to this product I think is to be consistent. On top of helping my hair, the product also helps with healthy nails and skin. Sandani

Must have product!

I use all of the products each month and have noticed a HUGE difference in just 90 days. Definitely stack the Hair Detoxify with the multi-vitamin for the best results. Highly recommended!
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